The beauty of French Polynesia

Some Island Facts:

The languages spoken here are Tahitian and French. The average temperature during the day is 81 degrees (27 Centigrade) and 75 degrees (23 centigrade) at night. There are two seasons. Winter (May-October) and Summer (November-April). French Polynesia has 5 primary island chains:

– Society Islands

– Austral Archipelago

– Tuamotu Archipelago

– Marquesas Archipelago

– Gambier Archipelago

Tahiti herself is located in the Society Islands. Tahitians embrace the traditions of their ancestors. This is shown greatly through dances, flora, tattoos, handcrafts, va’ a, and cuisine. Dancing and handcrafts accompany one another. Props are made from local materials and are used in dance ceremonies. They may represent any aspect of life. From joy, to welcoming of a visitor, or even challenging an enemy.

Tahitian food today is a delightful mixture of Polynesian, French, and Chinese cuisine. Top that off with Tahitian hospitality and your in for a real treat. The lifestyle here is one many would dream of.

Lagoons surround the islands that provide plenty of fish and water activities. These unique landscapes are like no where else on earth. Sunlight and underwater corals come together to create the most magnificent water colors on the planet. On land, sandy beaches give way to lush tropical mountains full of natural waterfalls. Her beauty is hard to believe, you get the sense your are in the land before time.

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