The ultimate surf trip

With over 120 different islands, many uninhibited, there are endless areas to surf with zero crowds. Tahiti is geographically located in the middle of the two most active surf seasons on earth. Situated in the South Pacific with a 360 degree swell window, your ensured to have waves on your surf trip. Many surfers believe the waves are to dangerous in French Polynesia. The realty of it is there are waves for all surfing abilities and types.

This landscape provides breaks not normally talked about, usually you think of Teahupoo when you here of Tahiti. Yes, this is a staple wave in French Polynesia, but plenty of waves are abound for the average surfer: Beach breaks, river mouths, wedges, reef passes, slabs, point breaks, rights, lefts, barrels, walls, you name it.

Fortunately, the most consistent break is located at the lodge in Papara. Minimal logistics needed here at our home break. It is the most rip able wave on the island. Once you are warmed up from the beach break, we can hit the reefs. It’s best to use our surf guide service because many spots are difficult to find, or even pronounce the names of the spots for that matter. Our local team will help guide you to the waves of a lifetime.

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