Teva iti

A reef pass for the rest of us. Primary a right, but sometimes there can be a left on the other side of the pass on the correct swell. This wave can be hallow and fast, but also walled and playful. The reef at this spot is not as shallow.

Teva iti is surf able on smaller swells because the pass is small. Anything of over 8 feet tends to close out the pass. Many people practice here before heading to Teahupoo. Crowds are not an issue. Remember to always take one extra stroke to get on the wave, going over the falls at any reef pass is not a good idea.

There are a dozen reef passes from Papara to Teahupoo. A day trip on our boat ensures uncrowded reef pass surf when the conditions are ripe. French Polynesia is a world class surf destination due to these beautiful outer reefs. It is your once in a life time chance to jump off the boat and be directly in most beautiful lineup you have ever seen.

Type: Reef Pass
Difficulty: Intermediate – Pro
Swell Direction: SE-SW
Best Wind: Glassy, Light E trades
Tides: Mid-High Tide
Surf Height: Chest to Overhead
Hazards: Reef, Current

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