Less talked about, but equally competing with Teahupoo is Maoti. Located on the outside reef at Papara, this horse shore shaped reef throws up a heaving left hand slab the ropes down the edge of it.

When it is smaller,  you can go right sometimes, but the wave is primarily a left. The most intense drop in you may encounter on your trip. Get to your feet and stand tall. Body boarders are known for this spot, but when it gets big, it is a popular tow-in spot. It can hold size and not close out. If you are a body boarder, it is a must surf while you are here. Typically gets good anything over 6ft, any smaller and the wave does not break.

Type: Reef Slab
Difficulty: Advanced – Pro
Swell Direction: SW, long period
Best Wind: Glassy, Light E trades
Tides: High Tide
Surf Height: Overhead to Triple Overhead +
Hazards: Reef, Current, Big Sets

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