Papara (The Right)

Same variables as the left. The right can provide a long hack able wave that rides all the way to the beach. When it gets big, he who paddles best scores the best wave here. The sometimes lazy line up ends up clogging the lefts. Stay a head of the rest and when the peak comes, go right instead of left and you will be surprised. Some of Tahiti’s top surfers grow up surfing this wave. An easy take off gives you plenty of time to drive in to your first turn. Stay in the pocket and be sure to surf it to the sand.

Papara has the ability to offer waves for people who never surfed before all the way up to WSL surfers who can perform today’s top maneuvers. This is the most consistent wave in French Polynesia for sure.

Type: Cobblestone bottom, River mouth
Difficulty: Beginner – Pro
Swell Direction: SE-WSW
Best Wind: Glassy, Light E trades
Tides: Mid Tide
Surf Height: Chest to Double Overhead
Hazards: Current

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