Papara (The Left)

Papara is river mouth cobble stone bottom break. With a 180 degree swell window, it is rarely flat. The predominant South swell season from May-October, though it is common to have south swells all year. Due to its wide swell window, local trade swell or SE swell filters right in. If there is no South swell in the water, Papara will still have waves.

The primary Easterly trade wind blows offshore during the day. Early mornings are known for their local wind that comes from the valley of Taharuu. This natural, crisp air grooms the beautiful blue pacific swells differently than the standard off shore trade. This magical natural wind occurrence happens nearly every morning with the sunrise. Early bird gets the worm here. No crowds, beautiful waves and amazing sunrises.

The main take off area is in front of the river. From here you will have the option to go right or left. The left is more hallow, and can offer a long rip able face. The barrel is on the inside which can get shallow. When the swell gets bigger, the sets break on the outer reef of Maoti and reform on the inside. This offers a variety of take of points and spreads the line up out. Be patient, respect the locals and you will be sure to score good waves.

Type: Cobblestone bottom, River mouth
Difficulty: Beginner – Pro
Swell Direction: SE-WSW
Best Wind: Glassy, Light E trades
Tides: Mid Tide
Surf Height: Chest to Double Overhead
Hazards: Current



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