A break similar to Papara, but on the North side of the island. Big north swells that slam Hawaii work their way down to Tahiti. Papenoo  is  multi peak river mouth spot on the North side of the Island. Rights and lefts can be found here. When it gets big, the barrel can be intense, especially in front of the river where it is more of a wedge.

It can get crowded, but it is very spread out. If it is to heavy for you here, there are miles of beach breaks littering the north coast that are especially great for long boarders. The scenery is lush and the waves are great. Keep an eye on the stones getting in and out of the water.

Type: Cobblestone/Sand bottom, River mouth
Difficulty: Beginner – Pro
Swell Direction: WNW-NE
Best Wind: Glassy, South Winds
Tides: Mid-High Tide
Surf Height: Chest to Double Overhead+
Hazards: Current, Dont get stuck inside

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