Famous for obvious reasons. This world class wave is truly a wonder of the world. Southwest swells cruise across the deep pacific and jack up once hitting the shallow reef here at Teahupoo creating the most memorable barrel anyone could ever get.

Heavy south Pacific swells, shallow razor sharp reef and the chance of taking one on the head, makes this wave Advanced-Professional level of surfing only, especially anything over 6 feet. Though small days can still be enjoyed by the intermediate surfer.

For the inexperienced still looking to witness this wave first hand, you can still come on the boat and watch up close and personal from the shoulder. Watch the waves and the beauty backdrop of the mountains. This is truly a surf spot you will remember and talk about forever.

Type: Reef Pass
Difficulty: Advanced+
Swell Direction: S-SW
Best Wind: Glassy, Light E trades
Tides: Mid-High
Surf Height: Just overhead is best
Hazards: Reef, Current

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