Surf Breaks

The Surf

  • Teahupoo

    Famous for obvious reasons. This world class wave is truly a wonder of the world. Southwest swells cruise across the deep pacific and jack up once hitting the shallow reef here at Teahupoo creating the most...

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  • Papara (The Left)

    Papara is river mouth cobble stone bottom break. With a 180 degree swell window, it is rarely flat. The predominant South swell season from May-October, though it is common to have south swells...

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  • Papara (The Right)

    Same variables as the left. The right can provide a long hack able wave that rides all the way to the beach. When it gets big, he who paddles best scores the best...

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  • Papenoo

    A break similar to Papara, but on the North side of the island. Big north swells that slam Hawaii work their way down to Tahiti. Papenoo  is  multi peak river mouth spot on...

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  • Teva iti

    A reef pass for the rest of us. Primary a right, but sometimes there can be a left on the other side of the pass on the correct swell. This wave can be...

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  • Maoti

    Less talked about, but equally competing with Teahupoo is Maoti. Located on the outside reef at Papara, this horse shore shaped reef throws up a heaving left hand slab the ropes down the...

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